Friday, March 21, 2008

Catching up....

It's Good Friday....never understood that name for all that it means, but it's A good Friday, none the less....

Catching up on life today...I lost Wed. to volunteering, and yesterday to working ON the computer (not just working with the computer) and now that things are updated and back on track (we hope), I'm back to this blog.

I love this:
Pro. 20:
3 Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor; only fools insist on quarreling.
Boy, it took me a LONG time to learn that....consider that my family "nick-name" as an adolescent was "Philadelphia Lawyer" as I'd argue ANY point for the sake of an argument. It's no wonder I despise arguing now....nothing to be gained.

24 The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?
I'm trying to learn this now...STILL. I am really trying to wait on Him, for Him to show the next step in my life, and don't understand WHY I don't see the plan, but DO trust Him to handle it.

Pro. 21:
3 The Lord is more pleased when we do what is right and just than when we offer him sacrifices.
SO true!

9 It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home.
HOW VERY TRUE!! I've tried hard not to be quarrelsome, since our home now is lovely....

19 It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife.
And this too...

23 Watch your tongue and keep your mouth shut, and you will stay out of trouble.
(A harder lesson for me to remember...LOL)

And I can't remember what book we went to next...Miss J, I need your help there.... :D
I think that I'll work on the new memory verse for small group (is there a tune for this one too?) and I have to run to the store...I know it's beautiful out, but I'm so draggy for some reason. I could lay down and take a nap right now!! sigh. If it were just a bit warmer out, I could be a cat and take a nap in the sunshine!

~ m

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