Monday, February 4, 2008

Real Life....

Today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary!! It's fun to look back at the old photos and see how much things have changed; from the old VW van we had, to our young, svelt bodies, to head's full of hair (even me!) ; ) Time takes a toll on our lives, and we change. I think of it more like the mellowing of a fine wine and not the catastrophic change that occurs when a hurricane hits a coastline, although, in our marriage (as in anyone's marriage) there's been a bit of both!

We got to do some fun things this weekend, sort of a "pre-celebration" knowing that not much is going to go on after a long day at work, on a Monday. We went to the Razorback basketball game on Saturday, and did some shopping and a nice dinner afterwards. Sunday we went to church, stayed for the potluck afterwards, and then spent some time with our son as he kicked footballs at his college field in prep for his spring try outs. Then that afternoon we sat together at home and watched the Super Bowl game....just relaxing...content to eat our left over's from dinner out the night before.

Today, Mark got up early (without my knowledge) and spent the better part of the morning fighting the flu-feeling coming over his body. I slept peacefully....till 8 am....and awoke to his email that he'd come home as soon as he could get through his 10:00 am meeting. It was after 2 before he hit the door....wiped out...warm to the touch....ready for bed. I poured him some sprite, got a few crackers and a tylenol for him, and put him to bed.

No El Mariachi tonight (our local "hole in the wall" favorite Mexican hang out) to celebrate. It can wait. Tonight is saltine crackers and noodle soup. Sprite and ice chips. Mark falling asleep in the recliner and me typing away (probably bothering know how sounds magnify when you feel crummy...).

I can not think of a nicer way to celebrate!!

THIS is the stuff that marriages are made of...all last week when Mark took care of me while I had a nasty cold....running to the store to get sherbet cups and spicy Chinese for my sore throat...And now, me sitting by his side here...listening for his deep breathing to let me know he's really asleep. Peeking in the door and watching to see the blankets rise and fall with each breath.....knowing that he'll be ok...

....each one of us praying for the other one when we are at our worst.....

The last week or so has been an emotional roller coaster...we are planning a BIG trip to China to see our daughter and son in law (they go to school there, and are on break right now). We've had our tickets for over a month, knowing that they are looking forward to seeing us as much as we want to see them, and bringing little things from home...favorite candies, birthday gifts, bbq sauce.

If you've watched the international weather you've seen that China's been hit with an unusually hard weather pattern. It's the first time in 50 years that it's snowing in most spots. It's the worst storm in the last 150 years! The kids had not had electricity for a week, and had water and gas off and on for the week before they gave in to the school's recommendation that they leave the area (if they had a place to go). A door was opened, and they were able to relocate to an area that provided warmer weather (rain instead of snow), utilities, and food (which was running short in their area). News reports are sketchy, and we're never sure if we're really seeing what they are reporting here....but they don't have access to a lot of news at all!! Where they are they don't even have internet connections available!

Our trip is still on, yet we're not sure where we are going! We'll land on the mainland and see where they are, and try to meet up with them....sort of an adventure....

A trip of a lifetime!! I'm sure we'll make lots of memories. A few weeks ago I was worried about using a "squatty potty" in the airport for a 6 hour I'm laughing that I don't even know where we'll go!! I know when we are scheduled to land, but don't know if the airport will have power, or if the runway will be cleared, or where the kids will be at! God's stretching me in MANY new ways!! :)

I appreciate everyone that's been praying for the kids, for us, for this trip...and will continue to keep things up to date here on what the plans unfold to be....


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