Sunday, February 17, 2008

preparing for the journey

We've packed, un-packed, re-packed. I can't tell you how many times we've run to the store "for the last time" to get things we think we'll need....toothpaste, another suitcase that rolls (instead of the duffle bag one we have that doesn't), chapstick. The truth is, we probably could do without any of this....we could throw things into Walmart bags tied at the top and be just as prepared to take this journey....or any trip...since none of us REALLY knows what will be taking place.

A little less than a year ago we got to cook for a group that sends college aged people into short term mission fields, and the very first night of "training" they had to write down all of their "expectations" of what the summer would hold for them. That night, they tossed them in the trash (or did they burn them?) as the truth was that NO ONE KNOWS what God has planned, and the easiest way not to be disappointed is not to have those expectations. It also opens your heart, mind, soul, to be totally surprised by God!! What a blessing to remember this exercise now!!

So, we'll pack, and re-pack, and weigh our suitcases and wonder what we'll left behind when we are sitting in the plane. We'll land and realize that something broke, or that something was left on the kitchen counter....and we'll make due. It's all good. God has a lot of room to work!!

I'll not be journaling on this site while we are gone, for safety purposes, but will go to a new site at: I've not started blogging there yet, so need to get the real address for the blog site and will post it here.

Although we will keep our communication from there "safe", please do not forget that God is in the middle of our time there. Not only will it be a time of prayer and restoration for our relationship with our children, but it will be a time of discovery and growth for us. Someone said it was a "once in a lifetime trip" but I hope it's not!! I hope we get to do this more often that that.

Blessings to you!! I appreciate the prayers that so many of you have been offering on our behalf. Thank you so much...they are the reason that we get to experience this at all...

grace and peace...

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