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Hot Potatoes Tonight!! : D

Our oven went caputz last was one of those "slowly going out and was becoming a safety hazard" situations....and it was one of THOSE afternoons...haha....I had taken steaks out in the morning for dinner...sort of the anniversary dinner that we didn't do because Mark had the the early afternoon I had gone to town, gotten my other Hep shot, went by Walmart, then over to the Lattas to say hi and Sue and I walked the greenway for around 40 minutes (I'm walking 30 minutes EVERY day now) and over to Charlotte's for a quick hello (heehee).

I came home, checked email and messages, and went to get dinner going when Mark hit the door (normal, since I never know what time he's getting home, I can usually get dinner made while he's doing the animals and showering up). Well, first off, the steaks were still frozen SOLID. Grrr. Mark asked if he could take me out, but I was zonked (he was too, we figured it was from the shots) So plan B was to just make the baked potatoes and have them stuffed for dinner (maybe with chili or make a meal out of them). So, I turned on the oven, to preheat it while I was washing the potatoes....and it doesn't preheat. It's cold. So I turned it off again, and's trying to turn on, but everytime it clicks on, I hear it click off I try again, turning the whole thing off, turn the temp to lower to see if it would preheat at that temp, but nothing. NOTHING. The potatoes are now sitting on the rack in the oven, and they are as cold as anything. sigh. Mark gets out of the shower and checks it out, pulls the back off and starts testing parts of it....we'd had a problem a few times before, but it always kicked in. Well, now he says that it's a safety hazard. We need a new oven. So, we head out to Monett to check out Lowe's (oh, we checked on line first at a few different things too), and came home with a new range! We stopped in drive through and got crab rangoons and beef fried rice for dinner too, which was yummy :)

I told Mark not to worry about the oven for the would wait...but he was like a kid in a candy store and HAD to get it up and going. I made hot water for tea to celebrate!! :)


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