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preparing for the journey

We've packed, un-packed, re-packed. I can't tell you how many times we've run to the store "for the last time" to get things we think we'll need....toothpaste, another suitcase that rolls (instead of the duffle bag one we have that doesn't), chapstick. The truth is, we probably could do without any of this....we could throw things into Walmart bags tied at the top and be just as prepared to take this journey....or any trip...since none of us REALLY knows what will be taking place. A little less than a year ago we got to cook for a group that sends college aged people into short term mission fields, and the very first night of "training" they had to write down all of their "expectations" of what the summer would hold for them. That night, they tossed them in the trash (or did they burn them?) as the truth was that NO ONE KNOWS what God has planned, and the easiest way not to be disappointed is not to have those expectations. It also ope

Wise Words from Rich Mullins...

Last night, while listening to the satellite radio fade in and out, we heard a Rich Mullins song remade by a newer artist...still good, but just not the same. With all the talk/teaching/learning on love lately, it didn't surprise me to run across this old article that Rich had written for one of the Christian magazines...back in the day... It's message still rings so true...and it's worthy of reading again.... The Pursuit of Happiness by Rich Mullins Release Magazine Spring 1992 Rich Mullins explains his secret formula for finding happiness 1. Forget about finding happiness. Happiness is not worthy of your search. 2. Bake a cake - a really rich cake, preferably from scratch (and especially if you are an inexperienced baker or a tested, tried and notoriously awful cook). The value is in the baking more than in the cake. 3. Call up some enemy of yours and invite that enemy to eat the cake with you. If the cake is good you may lose an enemy and gain a friend. If the cake i

I WANT a lot of Things....

This weekend Mark purchased a new Bible to take on our trip....a smaller Bible in a version that I read...but he lacked a copy in that translation (NLT). It's funny. The one he chose was small, and a sort of pinkish-lavender color. The thought of Mark, all 6'4" of him, carrying this small, feminine looking book, brought a smile to my face. He kept asking if I wanted a new one instead, and he would take my small black one, but I told him to choose the edition that HE wanted. He chose this one. This evening, I felt led (it REALLY WAS a spiritual leading) to read his Bible. My intention was to delve into the word, but I started at the beginning. After the initial important facts, was the attached essay....and it blew me away! I hope that it moves you as much as it moves me. If it doesn't, perhaps it is because we've had a few weeks of GREAT sermons on love at church...and this seemed to fit right in. I'm so grateful when God puts in these little reminders all ar

Hot Potatoes Tonight!! : D

Our oven went caputz last was one of those "slowly going out and was becoming a safety hazard" situations....and it was one of THOSE afternoons...haha....I had taken steaks out in the morning for dinner...sort of the anniversary dinner that we didn't do because Mark had the the early afternoon I had gone to town, gotten my other Hep shot, went by Walmart, then over to the Lattas to say hi and Sue and I walked the greenway for around 40 minutes (I'm walking 30 minutes EVERY day now) and over to Charlotte's for a quick hello (heehee). I came home, checked email and messages, and went to get dinner going when Mark hit the door (normal, since I never know what time he's getting home, I can usually get dinner made while he's doing the animals and showering up). Well, first off, the steaks were still frozen SOLID. Grrr. Mark asked if he could take me out, but I was zonked (he was too, we figured it was from the shots) So plan B was to just m

Real Life....

Today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary!! It's fun to look back at the old photos and see how much things have changed; from the old VW van we had, to our young, svelt bodies, to head's full of hair (even me!) ; ) Time takes a toll on our lives, and we change. I think of it more like the mellowing of a fine wine and not the catastrophic change that occurs when a hurricane hits a coastline, although, in our marriage (as in anyone's marriage) there's been a bit of both! We got to do some fun things this weekend, sort of a "pre-celebration" knowing that not much is going to go on after a long day at work, on a Monday. We went to the Razorback basketball game on Saturday, and did some shopping and a nice dinner afterwards. Sunday we went to church, stayed for the potluck afterwards, and then spent some time with our son as he kicked footballs at his college field in prep for his spring try outs. Then that afternoon we sat together at home and watched the Super Bowl