Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's been a LONG time....

I know that people get busy, and things (like this blog) get put on a back burner. The behind the scene reality is that I've sat down to write at least a dozen times in the past few months...then the phone rings (I half expect it to now!), or someone comes to the door, or the timer goes off...just something enough to distract me and keep me from getting back to here.

I was sitting in the tub (yeah, I've got a bad cold and it's become a fav place of meditation and study) and I was contemplating some of the things going on in my life...my kids scattered and in changing situations (Jason: changing classes; Jessica: changing weather and dealing with lack of utilities; Melissa: new location for home and church), my changing age (which brings me to a LOT of changes....), my changing marriage (now that we are empty nesters, and getting into eachother instead of our kids lives). Everything is CONSTANTLY CHANGING.

I guess it's a good thing! When something is bad (like the weather, or a politician) you know it won't be around for too long. :) When something is good (like company, a meal, or well, weather!) we have learned to love it while we can! It won't be around forever!!

So, that's my .02 worth.
I hope that you can LOVE the great things right NOW....and have patience with the things that are not so wonderful....learn what we need to learn so we don't have to learn that lesson again. sigh.


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