Friday, December 7, 2007

'Tis the season....

Well, that's what they say...over and over....the problem is, that I'm just not much in the mood for Christmas. At least not the commercial one.

Jessica and Joshua have been gone for almost a year now...the last time we put up lights, decorated the tree, sent out cards...they were here! THEY decorated the tree (if I remember correctly, I would have been fine without one then too...) and she kept me motivated to do cookies and fudge and all the other treats that they could get here and not take with them. Now they are "there" and I ship them things for her to make "traditional" foods to share. Who knew that butterscotch chips and dried cranberries would be hot commodities...??

Melissa, Ryan and Adaya are safely tucked into their NY place...only a few weeks and they'll head back to Pittsburgh, PA to do interview #2 and preaching in front of everyone. They should know that day if he's go the job. I just want God's will. I want them to get to stay in one place for several years and put down some roots. I want them to make friends, people of all ages, and to be joyful and GROW. Yes, I know that I'll miss them not being close by, but they could be an hour away and I'll still miss them....that just happens with me.

Jason has a girlfriend. She's from Brazil. I wonder where he'll end up. I don't worry about it, I just wonder. He has finals next week, and she will head back to Brazil for the break. It's going to be a long month...

I volunteered at the hospital this week...and went back today for their Christmas luncheon. Hmm...I wonder if it was really a "holiday" luncheon. No matter. I was the youngest woman there in the Auxiliary (no one told me that, it was just easy to tell) :) I enjoy meeting the ladies, and getting reaquainted with some of them. I love to hear some of the workers (adminsitration, pr, etc) exclaim "Marina's back!". I'm glad. I'm glad that they are glad. It feels good, and it's fun. I don't care that I'm 47 and everyone else is....well, I don't even want to guess how old they are...but I know that most of them have ALL gray hair as a natural color, and that Mr. Rooney is now 94. I heard several women say that they have recently had new babies in their family, and they were ALL GREAT GRANDMA's. I guess I am the youngest in the group. That's ok.

They say that we'll have ice this seems as if it's fact, and not a guess. The only guess is when it will happen...and that's always a question. Today I did shopping...milk, eggs, bread, name it. Not only did I buy in case we really do get an ice storm, I bought because Jason will be home in a week....IF we get really iced in, at least we'll have food to feed him for a day or two. :)

I don't know if I have a cold, or allergies. Ugh. My nose goes from sniffling to sneezing, and my eyes feel tired and the size of peas...always a bad sign. sigh. I took an allergy pill, and it must have worn off since I'm at it again. Perhaps some ibuprofen will work....that would be nice. That and some tea....ah, that will be nice. Mark should be home soon and we're supposed to go to Rogers, AR to do some shopping...finishing up the grocery shopping and to buy some Christmas Cards....AAGH....again. I want to make my own, but I don't have the enthusiasm to do it...why? I have great ideas, the right things to say, even colors to do them in...but no motivation. *sigh* I need to finish this quilt top (and then quilt it too) but I lack the motivation to do that also. OH, and tomorrow I'm supposed to get together with a friend who is craving Christmas....she wants to get in the mood for the season...

And all I want to do is hunker down...cuddle up...sleep in....perhaps quilt and watch an old movie (the only way I can sit long enough to quilt!!). I'll enjoy her company and go along for the ride. I'll celebrate the season with her because she is my friend...and it will be the only time we can get together for a while...

and that will be nice....

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