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Connect - ing

This is meant as something to resolve, not a gripe session. Growing up in Seal Beach, well, no...let me rephrase a young Christian adult there...I had a circle of friends that were great. Mostly young women like myself, there was something we each brought to the table of friendship...honesty, kindness, compassion, grace, joy...I could go on and on! Several of us got together weekly for accountability, but the best times were when we would stay up late, bearing out hearts, or sharing our faults, and encourage each other to grow to be more like Jesus. There are a few of us left...scattered as we are...married, divorced, broken, hurt and restored. We are bound in great ways...both by the memories of who God started with and the ways He has changed us, as well as the hours spent in prayer for each other and the ways He chose to answer those prayers. Now, what I'm going to share is not ONLY in the Christian faith...I've met women of no faith, denominations within the C

'Tis the season....

Well, that's what they say...over and over....the problem is, that I'm just not much in the mood for Christmas. At least not the commercial one. Jessica and Joshua have been gone for almost a year now...the last time we put up lights, decorated the tree, sent out cards...they were here! THEY decorated the tree (if I remember correctly, I would have been fine without one then too...) and she kept me motivated to do cookies and fudge and all the other treats that they could get here and not take with them. Now they are "there" and I ship them things for her to make "traditional" foods to share. Who knew that butterscotch chips and dried cranberries would be hot commodities...?? Melissa, Ryan and Adaya are safely tucked into their NY place...only a few weeks and they'll head back to Pittsburgh, PA to do interview #2 and preaching in front of everyone. They should know that day if he's go the job. I just want God's will. I want them to get to stay