Getting on the ball...

Ok, it's a misleading title...I'll warn you right now...

I don't want to "get on the ball" with issues in my life (go figure), although I am looking forward to getting involved back at Cox Monett as a volunteer. Part of that is helping, and part of it is being involved with a group of people that I have genuinely enjoyed being with in my life, and another part is getting to wrap all those gifts! AHA! A creative outlet.

The other "getting on the ball" thing involves where I am right now...physically...ON A BALL. :) After my chiropractor visit the other day (hmmm?...was it Monday?) and trying to put 2 and 2 together on why my heal hurts so much, so often, when I'm not doing things that should make it walking (so it's NOT bone spurs!). It ALWAYS hurts after getting up in the morning (and I don't walk in my sleep) and it often hurts after sitting, or riding in the car, and ALWAYS hurts after sitting in the bar stools at the kitchen counter.

I can always get it to feel better by doing the stretches for my back that the good Dr. Runnels gave me.

So, the idea is, I have a pinched nerve from when I slipped the disc in my back last spring. When it's pinching, is when that L 3-5 area is out of whack...OR when I'm sitting cockeyed with the back of my left knee being tight (i.e. the bar stool...where I always sit with one leg tucked under me!). So part of the time (like at the computer) it is from not having back support, and part of the time it's from pinching that nerve myself (with my fat knees...sigh).

So, to help that, I'm at my computer on my "exercise ball". To sit on it while typing, to jump and rock on it while "surfing" has helped a LOT. It's helping me when I exercise to strengthen my body's core, but even just sitting still on it is helping me by being able to keep my feet on the floor (I have short legs and the chairs are always too big), to keep my back straight and posture good, and to somehow take the pressure off of my lumbar region (which is odd, as I obviously don't have any back support while I'm on it!). We'll see what the long term effects are, and I hope that it is all good!

Regarding the rest of my life, I'm waking up too early again, and spending a lot of time in prayer for my kids...some of them are facing difficult situations in life...physically, spiritually, and in the most basic of needs.

My oldest daughter just found out yesterday that her husband's ministry has ended (who lets a youth pastor go just 3 weeks after he has a baby as you enter into the holiday season??). I'm so grateful that they have soft, pliable hearts, and that God is so evident in the situation to them. I'm so glad that they are heartbroken to leave people that they have come to love by serving shows that they have loved well. I'm thankful that their faith has grown, and that they see the good that has taken place during their "season" there.

However, I'm really upset that "man" still takes the reigns away from God in some places, especially church. grrr. I know that my kiddo's (and grandkiddo) will do fine...and grieve for the young Christians there that see "mature" Christians making bad decisions...what a discouragement...

So, lots of prayers. For their future, the place/job/ministry that God wants them to be in. That they will be patient and wait on options, and benefits, and not jump at the first thing that comes available, and that they ask for opinions of others before they commit. Also that wherever they go will be fruitful, and that they see God opening the doors (and closing others), and are able to be in a place for a long time to see the fruit of their labors. And a biggie...that there are other Godly people their age to fellowship with, and that the leadership will be spiritually mature, passionate about Jesus and the people they serve...that they will have the ability to mentor them spiritually and personally, to be good parents, to continue to grow in their personal walks.

Not much to ask for, is it??



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