Coming Home...

This photo was taken the night before we was so bittersweet to say good-bye to Melissa and Ryan, and Adaya. I know that they are in the Lord's hands, and that they will do just fine with the things they will face. It's all natural for each of us (single or married) to deal with the trials that we face with the best that we have.

Even coming home, and being at home, has it's own "stuff" for me to deal with. Still not having a church where we feel completely comfortable, me not being connected in the way I desire to be, and a host of issues from things going on at Mark's job all present the possibilities for real problems. We'll rest in God's arms, hold on to our hat, and let Him move IN and THROUGH us in a way that I hope we are being matured in our Christian walks. When the day is said and done, I hope that we can say we tried our best to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It's all we can hope for.

So, we hope the same for our kids. They are young, still impressionable, but as we keep praying for them we continue to see the answers to those prayers. That's a good thing. We aren't asking for real specifics, but in general terms...for wisdom, discernment, commitment....things that will show in their lifetime as wise investments of character. God's growing in them...and around them too.

So, we miss them...but know that in His time we will be closer, for seasons at a time. I'm excited to see how He grows them into a mom and dad, and to see how Jesus' love grows in Adaya's life. How exciting is that?!


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