What a great weekend!!

Mark had the weekend off, and he and I took off for Springfield on Saturday, despite the threats of rain. We had some shopping errands to run, a few "window wishing" places to stop, and of course, had hoped to see Jason for a good visit. We had to meet with him to get our canoe (he had borrowed it the weekend before), and play mail delivery person to get his mail to him that had been delivered here.
Jason had enough of his homework done to have dinner with us, and join us for the soccer game over at MSU. His roomie plays on the team (GOOOOO BRENT!!) and there was a group of the International Students that were planning on meeting us over there...so after a great dinner at the Rib Crib, we headed on over there to the stadium. Jason's International friends were there already, flagging him down, and we got to sit with them and root the Bear's soccer team on.
It was so much fun to talk with these young men, all of them from the MSU exchange program with one of their campuses in China. There were a few more that showed up after this photo was taken, and a female friend of his that is from Nigeria too. Brent loved the LOUD attention we gave him as he came on and off the field, and the weather was really perfect for the game...although it was a bit muggy from the rain all day. MSU tied the game (after overtime too!) but it was the sharing of experiences and cultures that held my attention.
The drive home was foggy last night, something we don't see TOO much around here, but it occurs none the less.
This afternoon, after listening to TWO sermons on line, Mark and I went to the neighboring town to our north to shop at their Walmart...he's been looking for new work boots. We found them there, then went to a favorite Chinese restaurant and each got an order of crab rangoon and shared an order of chicken fried rice "to go", and took a drive...we saw Jolly Mill, took a drive down to the "Smack Out" public use area, and drove down farm roads that we hadn't been on before (which is hard to imagine, considering we love to do that...and we've lived here 16 years!). It was an overcast but not rainy day, and we saw acres of sunflowers, miles of green rolling hills, and beautiful scenery. Sadly, I had taken the camera out of my purse, thinking that we were "just going to Walmart." I'll not make that mistake again!
I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!


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