The Way We Were...

It's funny...just after I posted the photo and typed these words, Mark found the movie on tv...I recognized the song, but thought it came out around the time I graduated from H.S., but it was much earlier.

ANYWAYS... I've been feeling nostalgic this week. It's traditionally a bad time of year for me it S.A.D...the need to hibernate...missing my mom (and entering the season that she suffered the most before her death)...or even my attempt to draw attention from my birthday...I just don't do well emotionally this time of year. *sigh*

As a kid, I remember almost always being ill in the fall. Even in So.California my body protested the change of the season. (How much farther south could I go to get more sunlight...and survive??)

So, it's been a week of RAIN, STORMS, WIND. I've been cold in the house, but the a/c is still set at the same temp it's been at all summer long. The pool water is too cool to get into, and I know we'll have to close it up soon. The shadows get long too soon in the afternoon, and it's dark out when Mark's alarm goes off....way too early since my circadian rhythm is WAY out of whack. (Gosh, I love that phrase..."cirdadian rhythm"!).

So what's a mom to do? An empty nesting mom? With no kids around??

Well, I cleaned today...not the WHOLE house, but a good deal of it. I plan on shampooing the carpets when it gets a little need to add to the dampness of the basement. I went shopping and even bought stuff to make cinnamon rolls!! I am so ready to fire up that oven!! And tonight, as Mark and I were watching tv, I brought up the "D" word...."dog". I'm not convinced yet that we really "need" one, and I hate the thought of having to deal with boarding, vet visits, and Lord help us, another dying puppy...(we lost one last winter to a mystery illness/allergic reaction?). But it's just THAT quiet in the house. I'm just that lonely during the day.

It's just a thought...and one I'm not likely to act on...but perhaps there is room in there again for one...just a small room...just starting to get that space ready, but not willing to fill it up yet.

Too much traveling in my future right see Melissa and Ryan bring their baby into the hopefully get to see Jessica and Joshua sometime in the next few year(s). I think I could handle being alone a bit longer...


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