play.blogger is my new hobby...??

Ok, it just's all because I read one of those notices that Google (or whoever) sends you to let you know about the new "features" you have access to. This caught my eye for more than one was that it was about photographs and recent uploads...and two was because it was about ANY of the public uploads that we post...they all go through a site that they have, they actually sit around and look at all of our recently uploaded photos/graphics/etc and then you can go and watch them too at:

Ok, so it's sort of creepy to think that when we post photos that others can watch them, and then it's sort of cool that we can watch what everyone else deems to be public uploads.

Maybe it's from being brought up on years of family slide shows...but it's sort of cool. I've not been offended by anything (which surprised me...I admit), and mostly it's photos of babies, people, landscapes and some guy surfing (which is sort of nostalgic). The landscapes are showing bits of fall color, so I'm guessing someone is posting from farther north than where I am (we don't have a touch of color yet). It's good to see.

So, when you are really bored...and too tired to play games or read on line papers, you too can watch everyone else's slide show....


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