needing sleep

My time clock is all messed up! Well, I'm able to go to bed normally...around 11 at night...but I have been waking up early in the morning...usually around 4...with back pain, too many thoughts (my son is playing rugby now...yipes!), and end up just laying in bed...trying to adjust my back out of pain without waking up Mark. *sigh*

Mark's alarm goes off at 6, and some days (like today) I'm able to just stay in bed till then, but other mornings I'm out of bed long before his alarm goes off. Usually I get on line to see if anyone else around the world in my circle of friends is up....usually not. That's ok, as I've gotten lots of free digi-scrapbooking stuff downloaded and organized 8D

They are finishing building a feed mill near our home, and by 7 the machinery is must be the paving machines on the road...this odd vibration of airwaves that reminds me of the droning of jet airplane engines. So, like now, I'm feeling that I should try earplugs or something just to get away from this sound... means stepping away from the computer...but perhaps I'll just go to the basement part of the house and hang out there! Ah...maybe a little tv down there...a nap on the couch...hmmm this is starting to sound like a good plan!

Perhaps I'll write more later today...I'll be out of town the next few it might be the weekend before I'm on again....



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