Letter to my college age friend #1

You are such a sweetie....thank you for your kind words, your compassionate heart, and for being willing to be REAL with me. :) You know what I mean. ;) Us Ragamuffins need to stick together.
WOE to the woman that marries Jason....(heehee)j/k I pray for whoever that will be all the time...and that she will be equipped to compliment his drive/vision/passion.
Our prayer for our kids (from the start) was for them to be stronger in their faith and walk closer with God that Mark or I ever would/could be (since we were not raised in Christian homes), KNOWING that the "next generation" would be facing toughter times than what we've known. We've also prayed this for "their spouses" (whoever they would have been) since they would have to have a equally yoked home, not only in "just" believing but in strength of passion to serve God. That they would ALWAYS love God more than our kids (since that's the only true measure of what real love is). (sorry...found a soapbox there...)
You are a blessing, and I look forward to getting together...talking ANY time you'd like. Remember, you DO get it. YOU have the key to the rest of the story, and you know it for a reason...it's just going to be a matter of time before God reveals why you know it...Christianity is a journey, not a destination. It might (like me) take years to figure out what we are supposed to do with it/on this road...I still am not sure. Just keep seeking His word...falling in love with Him daily and walking as close to obedience (but not legalism) as you can. Be the hands and feet of Jesus...the words of Jesus. Love. Compassion. Serve. Sacrifice. The rest of it will come together in His timing.
Sometimes I figure that the empty spaces in my life, the times I'm struggling to find more of Jesus in others and feeling VERY alone, are the times that He is able to do amazing things around me/in me/through me. If I was too caught up in the "busy-ness" of the norm, the everyday, I would have missed out on the AMAZING.
That's how this weekend was for me. All I did was show up to help cook (not even plan, organize, instrument, facilitate, etc...just help). What God did was show me that so many of the kids that I had week long friendships with 6-10 years ago (while cooking or serving at Maranatha back when they were in Jr/Sr High) were recieving a bit of what I was sharing...that when I felt like I was loving them like my own kids, that they were being loved like they were my kids...and that it made a difference (even if it was scolding them to turn off their flash lights and go to sleep in the dorms...) :). God's so good. I'm so grateful I got to experience this weekend. It was healing for me...


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