Friday, September 28, 2007

letter to J/J #1

Hi guys. It’s me, mom ( knew that). I can’t sleep (figures, it’s a full moon…and dad’s snoring away…and my back’s bothering me…not what I had planned for the night before leaving for camp!). sigh

There’s not much going on here…it was really pretty today. I met Char for lunch in town at Aunt Cathy’s Cookies (they do sandwiches there too…and baked potatoes and soups). I had a pastrami sandwich…it was ok…sort of thin on the meat, but ok. Char had a bowl of soup…broccoli cheese. Neither of us had a donut!

Then at noon she had an appt. at the dentist and I went over to meet Pam for our normal Thursday afternoon get-together. Originally we were planning on working on her scrapping room, but it was so pretty outside that she suggested going to Roaring River for a walk…but by the time we got out the door from our house (I had to go get shoes, and we left my car home) we settled on walking the greenway trail. It was still nice. Then we picked up Kelsey from pre-school (a free program over by the middle school…it used to be in the white house on the highway/main st.) and she was all cute and happy to see me….it was funny. SHE REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF YOU IT’S SCARY SOMETIMES. Especially when she is all cute and quiet. You know that she’s got stuff going through her mind, this little twinkle in her eye…just like YOU used to get. It was sweet.

Anyways, they dropped me off, and I came home and waited for dad to get home for his softball game…a few hours passed (what did I do during that time??....gosh, I have no idea…). OH, I cleaned the outside refrigerator to get it ready for the chicken that he brought home for me to take out to camp, and straightened the kitchen up.

Then dad came home, changed, and we went to El Mariachi for dinner (we split the Tacos de Azada) and went to his game….where they went into extra innings tied, and ended up losing 11-12! I talked on the phone to Opa (he said to say hello) and we came home after the game…hit an owl (well, it hit us)…and that’s it.

They are widening the intersection at hwy 37 and W…putting in turn lanes and making it the way it should have been done in the first place. The feed mill is about done, so there are more trucks going through there now too. The runner/driver job is open again, and they are having to hire someone to drive a street sweeper at the feed mill full time too (on top of all the other jobs). I’m not sure what Dad’s working on…but he’s busy.

I can’t believe that I leave for camp tomorrow…I’m so NOT ready for this. I know that there will be a lot to do, but a lot of helpers too…she said that a lot of the students come in and help. She (Joyce Embree) was disappointed that I didn’t know how to run the washer/sanitizer, but I’m sure we can figure it out….I had always left that up to you kids so I never remembered how to use it. I have a feeling that I’ll figure it out and be in there all weekend, which is fine too. I’m just along to deliver the chicken, and help however she needs help. I’m trying not to be very possessive about this, and go along with the flow, but with 250 expected I’m a bit scared….she has it planned to BBQ chicken on Saturday night for dinner on a charcoal grill….it sounds good, but the dynamics of trying to keep the chicken from burning on the outside and staying juicy (but completely cooked) on the inside baffle me. And she’s doing it with baked potatoes…so the ovens will all be used already (so we can’t cook the meat in there if it needs to be…). I may throw my roasters in the trunk just in case….

I can be so anal about stuff like that…how did I get this way?? GRrrrr……


Oh I wish I could sleep….I think I’ll copy this whole letter…well, most of it…and post it at my blog. That will save some time!

Not much else is up…at all. No news from Melissa…or Jason (besides him not playing rugby, and needing to improve his economics grade, which I think I already sent to you…).

That’s it. Oh, I got a nice letter from Spring…the girl from China who is in college in Singapore. She’s busy with classes, will graduate next lunar year, hopes to come to the US someday, but will look for work in Singapore first….she’s getting a complicated business degree there. It will be interesting to see where she ends up.

Well, I guess I’ll close now…love you, and thinking of you always…


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