Monday, September 24, 2007


The Autumn Equinox took place the other morning, with little to-do about it. The weather has been flip-flopping between "still summer" and "brrr...". Although the water in the pool is too cold to go in to swim, it's frequently nice to sit outside by it and enjoy the warm sun (now almost always accompanied by a breeze).
True to my history, I'm ready to bake! Today I rearranged the kitchen cupboards, moving things from one side of my kitchen to another, wiping down the shelves, rearranging the pantry to be mostly for baking supplies (out of sight, out of mind?) and bringing the items into the kitchen that we use more often (canned vegetables, soups, etc).
I even moved the plates and bowls from a bottom shelf to the pull out drawer that's under the silverware drawer! A bold move I know, and Mark will have a hard time getting used to it, but it will save my back and shoulders when I'm unloading the dishwasher. I saw it in a BH&G magazine that was featuring ideas on getting organized.
Tis the season!! Tomorrow I'm picking up the paint (taupe) to do some odd painting around the house, a wall here (my office area) and there (one bathroom wall, and one wall in the living room!), and perhaps I'll finish out the week with getting the rest of the WHITE white painted around the house...I thought I was out of that paint until Mark found a gallon of it out in the shed. It should be enough to get the rest of the living room painted, with the one taupe/brown wall too. Hmmm...maybe two walls should be that color??
Mark and I rarely agree on tv to watch...if it's on at all. He's happy to watch anything, but prefers to watch adventure/war/action movies, sports, anything else. IF I have the tv on (and I'm content to keep it off!) I like to comedy, romantic comedy, then go to the documentary non-fiction stuff that I like to read...even cooking shows and decorating and renovation programs. That's where we have gotten together...shows like "Flip this House" and the like where there are drastic changes made within the hour long show (or just 1/2 hour remodeling shows). I think that it's helping us to see that there is a lot we can do to this house, without doing a LOT to it!!
It will be nice to have things settled in for the winter months. New paint completed, the plants and fountains moved in (hmmm...both running in the house? or just for decor??). Just to get the plants in will be great!
Then there's that nagging issue of BAKING. I love to bake (almost as much as I love to eat!!). I have a bunch and a half of just turning brown I was cleaning down in the kitchen I kept smelling their ripeness...and thinking "mmmm...banana bread...with LOTS of walnuts and cinnamon....mmmm". I think that will have to be the top item "to do" on my list.
I can smell it already....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A good sense of humor...

I think that God has a sense of humor...
I see that He sometime leads people to believe that their baby is one sex during pregnancy, then it ends up being the other...
I know that He sees us through the difficult choices we make (or situations we bring upon ourselves) and wonders "what was SHE THINKING?"
He gave ME, the total non-competitive non-athletic person; a husband that loves sports and a son who plays them all!

I'm amazed that I survived Jason's high school years (which was almost as bad as the several years that we had 3 kids in sports all at the same time but on different teams). I don't know what Mark was thinking to sign up to play softball now....although it IS funny to watch the team playing...I'm sure it wasn't my sense of humor that encouraged him to do it.

I'm grateful each Thursday night he plays, that he is able to walk off the field....a little bruised and battered, and sore the next day....but he's walking!

At least they guys ON the field were laughing as hard as we were in the stands...

Thanks God, for sharing your sense of humor with us....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I guess I'm still "deceased"...

...well, at least according to the rest of the graduating class of '77 from NHS.'s frustrating sometimes, and other times it means nothing to me at all...but at the 20 year reunion someone listed me (in error...a joke??) as deceased. I supposedly died in a bar fight, which if you knew me in high school (well, if you THOUGHT you knew me) would make sense. If you REALLY knew me you'd realized how screwed up I was because of my circumstances. I'm not trying to blame anyone, but truth is, girls that go through a lot of the things I went through generally will make the same decisions that I did, and end up the way I was. That's why it's easy for one of "us" to pick "us" out of a crowd.

Well, by the time the reports of my demise were disclosed, I had been all cleaned up (by the grace of God and a lot of environmental changes). No longer the life of "sex, drugs, rock and roll" that I lived in the late 70's and early 80' life has been pretty boring in comparison now (to most Californian's).

So, when I contacted the folks (SURPRISE!!) that organized this reunion (our 30th) I thought that a retraction of some sort was going to be least remove me from the deceased list!! But, no, I've just found out that I'm still listed there....*sigh*

I suppose it's not that big a a lot of ways that person IS dead...I'm not much like that anymore (although "once an addict always an addict..."), and more than boring my life is REALLY relaxing....with bursts of change thrown in there for excitement. I figure I'm living life now through my kids, and in the next few years things will get really exciting...with a grandbaby due in NY, kids studying overseas, traveling to catch up with them wherever they end up.

But, hey....could they at least acknowledge that I'm alive??

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

If I wrote a book...

I THINK I will write a book getting it published would be another matter all together...but writing it would be possible...perhaps.

I used to often wonder if other writers are constantly writing things in their head when they can't sleep. I can't tell you how many books I've written in the wee hours of the morning, thoughts (all wonderful, of course!) running through my mind; creative and witty first lines to lead to great works of non-fiction.

Perhaps I'll be one of those undiscovered authors; only to be published long after my demise...someone will search the blog world over to find my pages left unmanned, unpenned, in cyberspace.

Perhaps I'll just go on dreaming of writing a book...or rather...writing my book in my lack of dreams....

sleepless nights...

I'm up again, not able to sleep. Actually, that's not completely true NOW...I went to bed early, and couldn't get to sleep. I finally got up around 10:30, and sat here playing scrabble, catching up on email, looking at photos and reading articles on the emergent/emerging church. NOW my eyes are finally getting tired...and my fingers too (although I'm hoping I am catching all the typing errors!).

My daughter started school today, and it reminded me of my there was always something different about the FIRST day of school...there was a different smell in the air, a different the dew was heavy on the grass or something. I'm hoping it went well for her...

There is an owl outside in the tree up "whoooo whooo's" as if it's calling for someone to answer. Thankfully, Zoe (our outside dog) must be used to it, as she is not answering. I am grateful.

Well, the typos are winning....I am able to sleep (and need to).

Sweetie pie dreams....

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Empty House

Every now and again I hate the fact that we live in a larger house...don't get me wrong, it's not HUGE...but we had all 5 of us (Mark, the kids and I) with Mark's sister Sandra, living in a really small house (800 sq. ft?) with just one bathroom....and the last house we were in wasn't that much larger...and then we started sending the girls off to college...and now we live in the largest of the homes and only have Mark and I at home. *sigh*

So when we have had our kids home for short stays, it's been great...there's two main master suite areas, so there's lots of privacy. Recently Melissa was with us for a bit, and then her hubby Ryan for their vacation. Today they went over to his folks house for the rest of their vacation time here...and again, the house is empty. Quiet.

I can go downstairs (my "living area" is upstairs on one side of the house), and the house is quiet. No one watching tv. No lights on. No meals to plan. No events on my calendar.

It would be easy for me to stress about this...I like having people in the house, cooking for them, serving them and still letting them make the space their's to live in as they wish. For now though, it's transition time. Things have been happening so quickly the last several months that I feel like we've not even caught up to where we are supposed to be...perpetual motion. Constantly on the move.

So it's the end of summer...the pool needs to be closed soon...not that it's cold out, but as the daylight decreases the water cools off...and soon it will be too cool to go into. In mid-Oct. I'll be going to NY to see Melissa and Ryan (and greet that baby that will come!!), so it would be good to get the pool covered and the area winterized before I leave (although I'm sure Mark would and could do it on his own).

My back's been wretched this week...riding in a car really sets it off...and I'm not sure if it's a pinched nerve, being out of alignment or a disc issue...degeneration or whatever. All I know is that the exercises and stretches from the chiropractor help...and ibuprofen does too...and I just want to be able to go and do what I want - when I want - and that is not happening yet. sigh

So this week I'll sit, and sew on the baby's quilt, and enjoy the last of the summer's sunshine glistening on the water. I'll maybe even get out on the treadmill and walk...something that it's finally getting cool enough to do (at least in the morning). I may try to shampoo the carpets downstairs (something overdue on the "to do list"). I'll pray through this empty house, pray for the kids that have lived here, my own and those that have visited. I'll remember the pool parties of days gone by. I'll pray for this soon to be here baby, that it's entrance into the world will be as hoped surprises...and for Melissa an easy delivery...and that it won't be too long before we're all together again....either in NY or here.

I know, from experience, that soon enough the snow will come down, the icicles will hang from the eaves, the kitchen will be warm with fresh cinnamon rolls from the oven, and there will be *new* friends sitting at the kitchen counter, playing games at the table, rooting for favorite sports teams as they watch games on tv.

But for's just quiet...

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