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Getting Started

Well, won't this be fun! I feel like I'm on the starting line for a new season in life....the GET TO BE A GRANDMA phase! So much of life at home is in transition...well, it feels that way, although nothing is really changing here. I'm still at home. Still spend my days playing on the computer with digital photos and digi-scrapbooking now...writing when inspired...keeping up with friends and family all over the world. Mark still works his tail off...and I love being able to be home with him...having lunch ready for him when he hits the door...even if I'm still in my pj's sitting at the computer...LOL. So, if so much is the same, why am I feeling so much change going on?? Well, seasons...leaving another summer behind is always more pool time, no more swim time...sigh...BUT, fall is around the corner, and I'm hoping that Mark and I can start taking walks back out at Roaring River in the afternoons. And with the cool air of winter, I'll fire u