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Catching Up

It's been a LONG time since I've been here...but I'm still here. I post regularly on the Instagram and Facebook pages, but spend my computer time tending to Meeting in the Meadow. I wish I could find a way to balance how to write creatively here and manage Roy Lessin's blog. Oh well, for now, this is all I've got. It's been a long summer as I hurt my back in May and just had back surgery a few weeks ago. I never knew that sciatica could not be resolved with chiropractic,  stretching and NSAIDs. Well in surgery they found a bone spur (someone saw it on the MRI but it didn't seem like it was a big deal), and it's extended my full release until the end of the year. Lucky me. LOL My surgery went well, and I can walk now, up to a mile at a time. I still get some swelling in my back, but it's not affecting my nerves in my legs now. Thank You Jesus! I sometimes wake up with sore hips, but I think that's from sleeping on my side. It will all come togethe
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The Hard Work

I wrote this a few years ago, but felt led to share it again because it’s still valid. Maybe even more so as we have come another full year of everything traumatic about Covid, are looking at a humanitarian crisis from a dictator creating a war, and always uncertainty about the future.  We are not alone in any of this, and God is a constant source of help in times of trouble. Sometimes He heals through our prayers and laying on of hands, and sometimes He chooses for us to do the hard work of counseling and medications, but He walks with us (and our kids) either way... ... 🙏🏼😞🙏🏼 When a child is hurt physically, emotionally, sexually, or in combinations of ways, damage is done much deeper. It doesn’t have to be someone hurting them intentionally, even the death of a parent (or other beloved family member), standing on the sidelines watching your parents fight through divorce, or witnessing a traumatic accident or event, can cause injury to their fragile brains and bodies that can ex

Working Through Vacation

Such a busy week of vacation, spent working around the yard since it wasn’t freezing or muddy! We still have scoops of dirt to rake into the yard filling in low spots, then planting grass seed and praying for it to grow all over. But as we sat on the back patio this evening it felt so good to have planted these 21 trees and shrubs, and Mark was so glad to have the front planter finished! Yay! Every place we have lived we plant new things. Trees, bulbs, shrubs, grass, a vegetable garden. Only a few times in the last 12 years have we been able to see them through a full year—usually we have a new job opportunity for him come up and we pack up and move, leaving things behind. The last house we were able to stay in for 3 years! We saw trees grow, bulbs bloom, and had to prune shrubs. Some things I was able to move with me (roses that we replaced before listing with a different variety) and the last several houses I’ve managed to repeat plant the same (or similar) varieties of plants in eac

Rainy Days and Tuesdays…

I had my “Louisville Grands” for the long weekend, and it threw me all off schedule! It was so fun to be able to meet mom and dad half-way and pick them up (and drop them off), and we had so much fun. It’s a perk of living closer to them that I adore! Tuesday rolled around, full of rain and chores, but needing rest. I’m not 40 anymore! Ok, not 50 or 60 even! Still the day had lots of opportunities to do things fun and must-do. I finished my wreaths for the front doors, a few loads of laundry, and watched a lot of tv today: I also had an international call with a friend of mine in Portugal, texted with a friend recovering from surgery, and rested when I needed to! All the things didn’t get done, but the most important ones did, and the rest will be here tomorrow! Thanks Hallmark Channel for keeping me company today! Y’all played some of my favorites! I’ve had some good feedback on my wreaths, and I really had fun creating them. I had seen similar ones on Pinterest, but loved coming up w

Cheesecake...and memories

Cheesecake...and memories Marina Bromley, Marina's Kitchen Table I've been making cheesecakes this past month. I'm not sure where the need for them came from, just a desire to get my mom's recipe out and make them, then make one to share. And another. Next time I'll "clean" up the recipe with healthier alternatives and make one again. Depending how it turns out will depend on if I share. LOL I wanted to make a "reel" and post it on Facebook and Instagram as one, but my brain isn't cooperating at learning something new. Or maybe it's just that when you get interrupted by life (and updating computers and phones) it's ok to not have the enthusiasm needed for that first vision. I'm ok with this. Perhaps it will work better here anyways, and that's how God intended it all along? I'm always ok with that thought. So here's the backstory: My mom used to make this cheesecake. The recipe card says "Royal Cheesecake" bu


Filled -Marina Bromley, Marina’s Kitchen Table My head hits the pillow and my mind is racing. What happened today that exhausted me so? Praying through phone calls. Meeting a distressed friend for lunch. Listening to the issues going on around me that I’m not even a part of. I’ve got nothing left to give. As my true southern friends would say, “I’m plum tuckered.” I’ve hit rock bottom. Empty. I inhale fast and deep. Exhale hard, blowing the air as if I can not get it out fast enough.  Slowly my mantra comes to mind, pushing through the garbage littering my brain and burdening my body.  Breathe in: more of You, Jesus.  I exhale: less of me.  Breathe in: more of You, Jesus. Slowly exhale: less of me.  I repeat this until my mind is less concerned with the events of today as Jesus reminds me of the rest of the day...the blessings... His words that launched my hectic day, as sunlight streamed through the curtains this morning. The aroma of my husband brewing his first cup of coffee, safely

New Recipe: Beef With Broccoli

New Recipe: Beef With Broccoli MarinaBromley@Marina's Kitchen Table I love to cook, and I love finding tasty recipes for things I usually get when I eat out. With Covid still raging, we still limit ourselves to eating outdoors (not possible in this Nothern Kentucky winter!), picking something up and eating at home, or using the drive-thru. We do something once a week or so, but if I can make it at home that's all the better! Beef with Broccoli is one of the things I enjoy getting at one of our favorite drive-thu places.  I wasn't looking for a recipe for it, but when my DIL posted a pic of making it at her house it captured my attention. I know that she's a good cook, and it looked good enough to eat! Good enough to have me CRAVING it right now!! I asked her for her recipe (source unknown) and saved it to my phone to make in the future. As soon as I was talking about it with my sister and friends they wanted the recipe. Thankfully I remembered I had it saved on my phone